The dejected dog started to cry when he understood that his owner was leaving him in the shelter.

Beautiful canine Blue Bear lived with his devoted human father for 11 years. They could not be split apart. But then things unexpectedly changed.

The man appeared to be stuck in an awkward situation with nowhere to go. So he decided to transport his loyal buddy to a shelter, where he thought he would be safe.

The man found it very difficult to part with his dog. He was weeping out of control. Blue Bear began to bark and startle the workers because he was so perplexed and unhappy. The most upsetting development was learning that his owner would abandon him there. It was a very emotional scene.

The dog was approached by Danielle Gletow, director of the shelter, who made the firm chose not to leave him there and to find him a foster home right away. So she decided to make a movie about him, and Madison, a volunteer, arrived to help. To help Blue Bear feel secure and safe, she extended an invitation to her home. And throughout it all, Gletow stood by his side. She and Madison made sure everything was in place for his happiness and well-being.

As soon as the dog has calmed down and is prepared to be adopted once more, they will keep him at Madison’s house.

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