The poor puppy was found imprisoned and alone in the attic.

Lassell learned of a fatal event when her sister-in-law called to inform her. When the woman decided to clean the entire house, she found their dog chained and in appalling condition in the attic.

The dog was really weak. They had no idea how long he had been there in such a dreadful state, and he was starving.

Lassel decided to take the dog right away. She invited him into her house and started taking care of him. He was cleaned, fed, and warmed up by her. She then took him to the hospital, where it was revealed that the unfortunate animal needed surgery after breaking his leg. The dog was in pain but emanated joy and affection. He was quite considerate and frequently grinned at everyone.

Lassell was infatuated with him right away. His name was Remi. She treated him with tenderness and love. The pet skeleton quickly developed into a handsome man. His health and strength returned.

He currently resides with the woman’s family, where he gets along well with her four kids and a dog. Moreover, they stay in the same spot all the time. They communicate with one another via playing, sleeping, and enjoying themselves. The kids are Remi’s favorite people, and he spends a lot of time with them.

Remi and his companion animal are well-liked by everyone in the family.

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