Two abandoned, adorable canines just can’t stop cuddling one another after being rescued.

A few stray animals were found in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. They could only hold each other since there was nothing else to do. The only thing they had when they were starving was one another. Their pictures of each other hugging melted everyone’s hearts!

The group had everyone’s attention. They were so cute.

The distressed and nervous puppies went unnoticed until Buddhist nuns took them inside their temple. The bigger dog hugged the little one as though to protect her. They were quite affectionate and connected. You will never understand what they have been through.

With each passing day, as they grew more at ease in their care, they started to trust others more. They were progressively gaining confidence as each day went by.

Now that they are receiving treatment, you can tell that they are more at peace and at rest. All these poor creatures wanted was someone to watch after them and protect them from harm. Nobody could have known what awaited them. They were fortunate to encounter such wonderful people while traveling. because love and respect are all around them.

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