The woman was unable to pick up the dog as she fled through the flames. He waited for her among the ruins for a month.

The fires in California have become a tragedy for many Americans. When their home caught fire, the owners of a dog named Madison were forced to leave the city. People were unable to pick up their dogs because of the impending departure. Conversely, Madison guarded his destroyed home and waited for his family, proving that he was a true Hachiko. The dog was still waiting a month later. Tears are starting to form in my eyes even as I write this.

The animal’s owner, Andrea Gaylord, was scared of leaving her dog in the burning building. She made an effort to find out more about him and hoped he was still alive because the woman’s heart wasn’t in the right place. After getting the go-ahead to go back, she took a chance and found the puppy close to the blazing house!

Madison was saved thanks to a woman by the name of Sheila Sullivan. Sheila welcomed Madison and provided food. She was shocked to hear that this dog would not stay with her and that he kept watching over the place where he had lived with his owners before.

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