Unusual friendship: Labrador goes to the dock to swim with his dolphin companion virtually every day.

Numerous examples exist of various species of animals developing friendships, and they never cease to astound humans. We’ll tell you today about a particular incident that involved a Labrador and a dolphin.

The first person to notice what was happening was the dog’s owner. The man claims that almost every morning when he dives into the water and swims with his friend. The dog begs him to go to the pier. What is most amazing is that the dolphin is also patiently waiting for his loyal friend to join him in the water. They seem to be making up ground.


The dog’s owner says a dolphin rode on the back of his canine companion.

Dogs and dolphins are inseparably bonded. The dog walks to the dock to greet his friend when they return, the owner said, even if they are not visible due to a little vacation.

This is a genuine friendship at work. You won’t be stopped by the terrestrial or marine realms either!

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