Rylan is a dog who was adopted and sits for kittens.

A substantial degree of responsibility goes along with adopting an animal. When the organisms you want to capture are seen as natural foes, it is harder. Fortunately, this is not the case with this family.

Eight years ago, an American woman adopted Raylan from a shelter. She chose it because Raylan is extraordinarily intelligent and caring, and she has never looked back since. He can take care of other animals, close the house’s lights, and open the refrigerator door.

She has dedicated her life to helping animals, and she frequently houses stray kittens until she can find them a new family. And Raylan is ready to help her take care of them. The owner was initially apprehensive about leaving such a big dog with such little kittens. But she is now certain that he won’t harm them. Raylan has raised numerous kittens already and seems to have found his niche.

We are thrilled to see how animals can set aside their differences and become close friends. And how many cats this generous family has saved (and will continue to save).

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