There’s a chance that these adorable panda dogs have started a new fad.

Pandas are popular, especially in Japan and China, but because they are endangered, the government protects them, and any news about them is sure to go viral. Nowadays, it’s also in style to use a safe dye to transform canines into pandas. We believe that the protagonists of today’s essay were a driving factor behind the fad.

Jiangsu, China welcomed three cute panda-like sunbeams into the world in 2014.

It was a marvel because no one else in their canine family displayed the same pattern: the father is a Pekingese and neither the mother nor the children resemble either of them. Furthermore, none of their other three puppies (who were all born on the same day!) had any black scars.

Although the exact cause is still unknown, veterinarians are positive that vitiligo is not the cause. We have no idea what the truth is. We’re just delighted to share pictures of lovely youngsters. They don’t need any cosmetics to go viral online.

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