This cat was so compassionate, he took in squirrels.

A few beautiful tales of animals taking in children of other species have already been presented. This time, a cat gave birth to a proud mother squirrel.

The exhibition “Crimea in miniature in the palm of your hand” featuring 1:25 scale miniatures of Crimean locations is the main draw of the Bakhchisarai Historical and Cultural Park of Miniatures. But all of a sudden, their zoo is the talk of the town.

There are piglets, goats, chickens, peacocks, and other creatures living in the tiny zoo. One day, as the workers were felling old trees, they came across baby squirrels that their mother had abandoned in one of the trees. When one of the staff members had the wonderful idea to exhibit them to a cat named Murka. They were at a loss for what to do with them. She was a nursing mother, so there was a chance she might take them.

She also had success! Squirrels swiftly reached adulthood and began playing with kittens. Because of this tale, Murka became well-known. The park was flooded with visitors. Now, lines of people were developing to see the adorable cat and her young.

The park’s director, Viktor Zhilenko, promised that the squirrels will be looked for by staff and probably stay in the park.

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