A gifted nine-year-old sells his exquisite paintings of animals to generate money for supplies for animal shelters.

Vladimir, a 9-year-old Russian child, decided to start volunteering at a dog shelter.

A daily minimum of 45 pounds of oats and an equivalent amount of meat are needed to feed all the animals there (around 100). How is such a young volunteer able to assist?

The youngster has a gift for drawing. He may even sell his creations to raise money for new toys or phones. Instead, Vladimir gives his time to the shelter in exchange for the care of the animals. He desired to provide for them and assist them in some way. Vladimir creates original illustrations of animals.

He uses details and photos that the pet’s owner supplies. Unexpectedly, requests came from those who weren’t just animal lovers. Order fulfillment is currently so delayed that fresh ones cannot be temporarily accepted. The young man bought 1100 pounds of food, supplies, and veterinary medications for the final 40 of his works.





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