When a shy kitten’s request was granted, she was overjoyed.

This eight-year-old cat was discovered wandering the streets of Perth, Australia. She maintained her composure. Nevertheless, she was noticed and brought to the nearest shelter by nice individuals. At the shelter, she was given the nickname Choco.

She didn’t move, not even raising her head, but it seemed like she was thinking all the time. The veterinarian’s inspection revealed no problems. Thankfully, the cat quickly found a place to live and relocated the following day.

She was driven home in her car by one of the volunteer girls. Shiba was first shy due to his strange surroundings and only went outside to feed. When she understood that everyone here actually cared about her, she started to get used to a new home and new owners.

The cat practically grew in front of our eyes as it sought protection because it was so difficult to identify.

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