A woman makes the right decision and immediately calls off the wedding by prioritizing her dogs.

Vicky Martin felt confident that everything was going according to plan in her life. She loved her two beautiful dogs more than everything, and she also had a groom whom she adored a lot. As the wedding approached, a shocking revelation drastically changed everything.

Vicky started seeing odd happenings on her pets’ bodies. Veterinarians were unable to identify where they came from. The girl started to have misgivings when she saw that the dogs were starting to run away from her potential husband. The girl placed a camera in the living room to finally allay her concerns. When Vicky watched the video, she was astounded by what she saw. In the video, her future husband mistreated the dog. After seeing the first few seconds of the film, the woman said, “My love for this man is gone.”

Naturally, the bride decided to call off the wedding. The girl posted the footage online at first. She also provided the police with a written statement. Authorities looked into the application, but they kept their conclusions to themselves.

Furthermore, it’s not clear where this “person” came from before he started abusing animals in that way.

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