This rapper decided to stop recording music so that he could spend more time rescuing abandoned kittens.

While taking a break from a rap tour, Georgian J Rey decided to apply for a job scooping cat litter at the local animal shelter. J Rey simply desired labor and activity for financial gain.

A special spot in his heart for animals has also always existed in him. J Rey’s contacts with stray cat rescue organizations and shelters inspired him to make a difference. He convened a meeting of his group and explained his reason for leaving.

The rapper devotes all of his time to educating the public and supporting organizations that help stray cat rescues. Even though he was the only black man handling cats at the shelter, he seemed completely unconcerned about it. The rapper is an expert in every aspect of cat rescue and cares with more than five years of experience. He decided to build a shelter in 2017.

To alter how black men involved in cat rescue interacted with predominately white organizations, the group was founded.

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