A dog discovers Flea, a missing one-year-old cat, at the bottom of a well.


Around the end of April, sisters Freya and Keira Hill of Northamptonshire, England, learned that Flea, a one-year-old kitten, had died. The pet was often nosy and impetuous, and the girls were worried that she would cause trouble.

Flea’s favorite areas in the house and yard were all searched by Freya and Kira, but they couldn’t find her. After searching for several days, the girls were on the verge of giving up because they believed the cat had either been stolen by new owners or hit by a car. The possibility exists that the flea was taken.

However, something unexpected happened a week after Flea vanished: a local dog found the cat. When she smelled the animal, she found it at the bottom of the well. And it’s just a short distance from your home! A loud bark from the dog signaled its discovery, grabbing people’s attention.

Also stopping by the well was Flea’s family, who were happy to see their cat unhurt. The animal remained uninjured despite the difficulties. She waited there for a week, clinging to a ledge and starving, but drinking water that had gathered at the bottom of the well. The animal rescue required the assistance of firefighters.

The grate was cut, causing the cat to fall and fall through it. The cat was lured out with food, and she was soon in the arms of her overjoyed owners. She consumed a lot of food and purred nonstop to express to the owners how glad she was to be back at home. Now, the owners want to watch Flea more closely. She’s attempting to maximize her nine lives, says Freya.

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