Rescued animals were this pianist’s biggest fans.

Turkish musician Sarper Duman is devoted to both music and cats.

Nine cats that he keeps in his home were all saved by him. The animals are now more than simply his friends; they are also his most devoted supporters.

The four-legged followers of Sarper, who works during the day and studies music at night, are acclimated to his schedule.

They all rush in, surround the musician, and have a good time when they hear music late at night emanating from the owner’s chamber.

Sarper is quite grateful for the kind welcome he has received. There is no doubt that the man adores them; he calls them “kings,” “queens,” “angels,” and “his heart.”

One of his fluffy friends is one of the rare ones who are blind. The two of them spend a considerable amount of time sitting, smelling the aromas of flowers and summer rain, and absorbing the sounds around them. Sarper leans her against the window. Both the cat and the musician are calmed by it.

He occasionally gets help from his cats when he writes and performs songs. We wish them the best of luck because they seem to be very in tune.

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