The lovely puppy has been waiting for new owners at the shelter for a while because of his peculiar appearance.

This adorable dog When Jay’s owners realized they couldn’t take care of him any longer in January 2021, they turned him over to a shelter. Right instantly, his staff fell in love with him. After that, they started tending to the injured animal. Jay is a hard-working, stubborn person. His character is wonderful. Everyone loves this person. Unfortunately, it is challenging to find him a forever home due to his appearance.

This awful situation has caused the adorable pooch to develop allergies and go bald. Additionally, he lacks the same gorgeous fur as other dogs that will soon find loving homes. However, the workers are hopeful that despite his “ugly” appearance, he will find someone who will love and care for him. Jay has spent more than 400 days hunting for a place to call his own.

The staff is confident that the good child would find a loving family even though no one was interested in him. Due to his medical conditions, Jay needs special care. He needs to be put on a certain diet and given the proper medications. Dust can cause his allegiances to reappear, thus he should ideally be on hard surfaces without carpets. He will be expensive to keep as a pet as a result.

The volunteers are aware that taking care of Jay requires a lot of work.

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