The young woman, who had spent the most time at the animal shelter, had chosen a deaf old cat.

Bridget Staub was able to go home after receiving treatment for a month. The young woman realized her life had begun a new chapter. She then decided to get a cat and went with her to the shelter. Bridget was seeking a cat that had been abandoned and had been in the shelter for a while.

It was Kali, a senior cat who was completely deaf. It was a gorgeous cat with three colors and big, green eyes. As soon as Cali was released from the cage, she meowed incredibly loudly. The cat immediately curled up into a ball and began rubbing up against Bridget’s hands, pleading to be petted. Bridget was aware that she had located “her” kitty. Bridget and Cali now share pillows occasionally while they sleep together.

The child is ecstatic that she has found her because the cat brings her such joy.

“I may have saved her life by taking her from the shelter, but she also saved mine,” Bridget claims of Cali.

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