A compassionate vet comforts a dog who is anxious to see him by singing to her as she receives immunizations.

Sadie was adopted by her family from a shelter when she was a year old. At first sight, the energetic and joyful cat won its new owners over.

Kaeley Simek, Sadie’s adopted “mom,” views her dog’s life as a continuous vacation. She is vibrant and eager to have fun from dawn to dusk, barring days when she needs to visit the vet. Since receiving her first vaccination as a puppy, Sadie has despised going to the doctor.

She has long understood that visits to the clinic almost always involve injections, so she makes every effort to avoid them. Before meeting Dr. Noah, a “singing” veterinarian who can easily calm anxious patients, Kaeley tried several clinics to help her cat get over her fear of doctors. He also objected to using white coats in his clinic since they frighten animals. On his first visit, Dr. Noah was able to make Sadie like him. She bowed down in fear. Then the doctor sat on the floor and started playing his guitar and singing a song.

And it worked—the dog’s owners were shocked to see how their terrified animal licked the doctor viciously after the performance and subtly allowed herself to be shot twice.

Dr. Noah is aware of how uncomfortable going to the vet may be for many animals. By playing music, he aims to make the environment upbeat and cheer up his patients. In Sadie’s case, this plan of action worked the best. She trusted the “singing” doctor and is now eager to visit him.

Kaeley remembers, “But dad always makes time to sit and chat with Sadie. She’s still terrified. We go to him once a week to assist the dog to develop good relationships.

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