A four-year-old autistic boy learns to communicate and convey his emotions with the help of his puppy.

Leon Kirby-Bulger, 4, has autism and struggles to communicate and interact with others.

He was cut off from the boy’s parents and the outside world and lived in his realm. But everything changed when Fern, a Cocker Spaniel puppy, showed up at the house. This dog managed to approach the “difficult” child and end up becoming his best friend, an impossible feat.

“My son was lonely and isolated in his little world before meeting Fern. She appeared to awaken him. Hayley explains, “I saw a gleam in Leon’s eyes that I hadn’t seen before. The boy has been devoted to his pet for the past three years. He discovered how to “communicate” with the dog even without using words. On the other hand, Fern is quite aware of what the small business owner is trying to say. They work together on everything. Hayley’s heart softens as she watches her child play hide-and-seek with the dog and dress up the spaniel in clothes that matches his own.

“Fern’s assistance is invaluable every day. She serves as both his medication and a fun playmate. He gets sensory overload breakdowns and the dog helps him get calm. According to Hayley, she protects Leon from harm by placing her body between him and the ground when he hits his head. The mother claims that things have become much easier since the spaniel joined the family. This kind and accepting canine helped Leon become more self-assured and outgoing.

They support Canis therapy and set up a Facebook page to raise money to help other families with children on the autistic spectrum by sending companion dogs to these families. Naturally, they gave Fern, their rescuer, a special dedication.

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