After ten years in a shelter, a timid dog finally finds a loving family and a place to call home.

Sheepdog spent ten years in a shelter because no one would take him in. He had long ago mastered the art of coping with his condition. He gets along nicely with different dogs and claims a worker at the shelter.

Fiji was unlucky as he observed other dogs go back and forth to their new homes. His previous owners decided not to care for him, so they abandoned him.

He immediately made friends with every shelter employee and returned to being gregarious and extremely energetic. However, it took time to build trust with a total stranger. A long-term dog walker thought about taking Fiji back home, but Fiji was lucky.

Aside from that, Fiji is now at his home. As soon as my wife got home from work, he quickly plopped down on the couch and introduced himself as if he had been sleeping there the entire time.

A mistake was made by leaving Fiji in the refuge. The shelter worker said he loved us and wished he could play with many other dogs.

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