A kind dog rescued and brought back a little cat, who was later accepted as a friend.

When a golden retriever unexpectedly showed up, the small stray cat had given up on finding a kind person who would take care of him. This astounding story was shared with millions of members on a social network. The image first startled a lot of people.

When they observed a large dog holding a small kitten, people had unfavorable assumptions. But the stray cat was so cute and cuddly that in the end the dog’s owners brought it home and took it in. The white fluffy is being bottle-fed by the new owners in the photo.

He changed into a very endearing man after being fed and bathed. They are such a cute couple, my goodness! The cat and the dog got richer over time. The amount of time they spend together while they eat, sleep, shower, and play is delightful to observe.

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