A mother cat discovered a young dog and began caring for it alongside her cats.

Although it’s a frequent misconception that dogs and cats can’t communicate, it’s not always true. Along with being sensitive and empathetic, they can also be pleasant and upbeat.

When the dog passed away, the owner of the feline decided to introduce the mother cat to the newborn cat. This feline and a dog essentially had a baby at the same time. The owner extended him to the cardboard box where the mother cat and her kittens were sleeping after covering him with a cover.

The little puppy was still pretty young, having only recently given birth.

Little boys should treasure the brief time they have with their mothers because they are unable to control their body temperatures. The woman didn’t place him in a container right away. The owner decided to allow them to get to know one another, all things being equal. Feline was at first confused. She maintained her composure while giving the stranger a curious sniff.

Her maternal instincts immediately intervened and she let him stay with her pets.

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