Meet the adorable calf who believes himself to be a dog.

The protagonist of today’s story is from New South Wales, an Australian state.

When the young calf lost his mother, the neighborhood farmers took him in. His parents, Coral Elgi and Wayne, gave him Buddy.

They were right; the calf is social and gregarious. This Santa Gertrude calf found his real family on the farm, where a German shepherd by the name of Bada took full custody of his upbringing. After the dog had previously given birth to eleven puppies, Buddy became the beloved pup number twelve.

She cleans, pets him, and protects him from harm as best she can to take care of him.

As a true son of his family, he adopted traits like wagging his tail and running with other canines. Although there are other hoofed animals on the farm, the bull prefers to be around dogs and people. The owners of Buddy are certain that he believes he is a dog.

The only things that distinguish him from the rest of his dog family are his size and hunger. He already weighs about 40 kg and drinks about 4.5 liters of milk per day. When he grows up, he will weigh at least 600 kg. Because Buddy is treated like a dog, he is fortunate in that he is not butchered. He is thought of as a family member.

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