A father and kid wind up rescuing a group of cats while camping.

Steve enjoys going camping with his child. When they last went there for protection from the outside world, they were startled to see someone else there. When Steve and his child arrived at their camping location, a lone cat was prowling the jungle.

Steve introduced his little child to the lovable kitty while setting up his campground, and he had a nagging sensation that the feline would accompany them home after the camping trip was over.

The cat crossed the tent on its way to meet its new friends, and they took care of what was left after eating in their tent when it came time for dinner. Steve didn’t linger, but he quickly returned to his tent. He waved his phone light and stood up to investigate. He saw eight pairs of eyes staring back at him.

Their new feline friend was raising three kittens. Each of the cats will now be adopted by Steve and her family. They are thrilled at the prospect of giving them the devoted homes they so richly deserve.

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