The shelter dog extended his paw to everybody who approached the cage because he was so eager to see his owner.

Foster care facilities are helpful to our canine friends, and we appreciate those who made them possible. However, it is not unusual for the animals to live in subpar conditions and the pets who do so are deprived of warmth and compassion.

This is the tale of a dog who yearned to be loved and cared for by its owner and to locate them.

Many animals who have silently accepted their situation are looking forward to being brought home.

On the other hand, some don’t just sit there and wait for a new owner; instead, they make an effort to attract attention. Ray is just a dog who went out of his way to make sure he was happy. He spent more than a year in the shelter and visited every single visitor, putting his paw prints on each one. He ended up at a shelter as a result of the abuse of a man who starved himself before dumping him on the streets. Despite this, Rey did not lose hope in people; in fact, he struggled to interact with any visitors because he craved warmth, contact, and attention.

People eventually approached him and touched him, as they frequently did. Rey’s persistence was rewarded by fate when a man named Jerome passed through the dog shelter. The dog extended its paw in his direction while peering intently into the man’s eyes. Jerome realized he couldn’t go back home without Ray.

They are now the dog’s closest friends and consider each other family. The man claimed that he is still perplexed as to how this dog managed to escape detection.

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