Everywhere Cat goes, he always has his “Baby” blanket with him.

The Sparky Fund, an animal sanctuary, was one of the clinic’s divisions where Sara Budzynowski worked at Wilson Veterinary Hospital. She spent quite a bit of time there and was there when a litter of adorable 3-week-old kittens was adopted. Except for one kitten, they were all in good health. The sad man had to have a portion of his tail amputated because of an infection. Budzynowski assisted in providing for him, and the more time she spent with the cat—later given the name Renly—the closer she grew to him.

Budzynowski and her fiancee were overjoyed to welcome him into their house and began to adore him right away. They bought him a cuddly stuffed bunny and a nice blanket. He’s still completely smitten with them after 10 months.

When we get home from work to let the dogs out, we see Renly place his blanket next to Hotch’s kennel; Hotch will then attempt to take the blanket into the box, suggesting that Renly is attempting to share it with him as well, according to Budzynowski.

A plush rabbit will do in place of a blanket if you don’t have one. Almost sure, Renly’s attachment to the blanket is still as strong now as it was the day he was adopted and welcomed into this warm family. He probably uses the blanket to keep the people he loves close to him at all times. It acts as a continual reminder of them.

Budzynowski continued. “I can’t bear to replace it and intend to keep it for the rest of his life. That blanket has seen a lot over the months and has been through the wash so many times.

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