To save a lost pet, alpinists conquered Mexico’s highest peak.

A group of tourists from Mexico tried to help Canelo, a dog.

As the contestants started up the nation’s tallest peak, the dog followed them. The passengers first offered the dog some of their food out of compassion. Canelo pursued the climbers after thinking he had acquired owners but never got close and never disappeared from view. It was shocking that the spouse also attained the height of achievement. On the other hand, Canelo stayed at the summit and did not descend the mountain with the hikers. He refused to join them despite their best efforts.

They believed the dog would descend naturally. Other parties saw red dogs in the highlands as well; they fed them, but they were unable to catch and kill them. Generally speaking, the dog spent about a month in the chilly highlands. Social media users posted pictures of the dog and a touching story about it, along with a request for donations to help save the animal. And to help, a competent staff led by trainer Layo Aguilar showed up. Canelo was warmed up and fed before being taken down in a tourist bag, though it’s unclear how they were able to capture the dog.

A veterinarian examined the dog and then delivered it to an animal shelter.

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