The remarkable recovery of this husky is proof of the effectiveness of love and care.

We love to share inspiring tales of pet rescue. Let’s raise a glass to today’s joyful ending for Finn the husky. When Finn was just a puppy, he met his first family. A man’s wife received the puppy as a gift. The man wanted to keep the dog for himself when the marriage broke up, but not, as it may seem, out of fondness for a canine friend. Given that the creature has been chained for more than two years without even a roof over his head, the man is probably expressing his rage at the poor creature.

Finn was similarly malnourished; when the animal rights activists came, he looked like a bag of bones.

The dog was not only nearly completely hairless and emaciated (Finn weighed 18 kg), but also covered in fleas and ticks. At the Pet Angels Rescue facility, the husky received immediate medical attention.

Finn had the good fortune of having a strong will to survive, so he quickly put on weight and his fur grew back. The volunteers claim that Finn previously didn’t receive enough love and care, but that now that he does, he is thriving.

Finn was successful in gaining 36 kg. Look at this handsome young man! When he was still healing, this big-hearted and upbeat dog won the hearts of many.

These compassionate people helped Finn find a loving home after he recovered. It’s difficult to imagine how such a gorgeous creature could be so sick and helpless. We wish Finn and his new family a long and prosperous life together!

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