The generous and loving couple transformed into a real-life Santa after receiving enigmatic letters.

One Christmas, an unexpected knot in the Christmas secret appeared at the door of this royal couple, transforming them into Santa Claus. Meet Dylan Parker and Jim Glaub relocated to their new house ten years ago. The couple purchased their new apartment on 22nd Street in Manhattan. They unexpectedly started to receive tens of thousands of letters.

Their intrigue was piqued Especially when they discovered that their apartment had long been regarded as Santa’s residence.


This modest and inquisitive couple then began to reply to daily messages, They even opened, read, and responded to emails.

They prepared Christmas presents for children to the extent that they could.

Mr. Glaub is not Santa. He is a decent man who only owns a marketing business. But he preferred his new role.

Numerous guests were invited to a Christmas celebration. They discovered dozens of letters written to Santa while eating dinner.

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