A woman rescues a 55-pound injured and abandoned dog by carrying him for 6 hours on her shoulders.

A wounded dog was laying still on the side of the trail. Tia, a loving single mother, and her father encountered it while hiking in the highlands. A deeper inspection by the kind humans revealed that the unfortunate canine had suffered a severe injury. He was unable to move or walk. The dog was abandoned and left to perish in the woods.

On the other hand, Tia and her father had no desire to let the unhappy creature perish alone.

He weighed about 55 pounds. She decided to carry the big and heavy dog on her shoulder and hike back to safety. Tia used every ounce of strength. She had to bring the large dog to the base of the mountain to save the helpless being. In such cases, all challenges that initially appear to be beyond one’s control become possible because the circumstances one must endure endowing the person with amazing abilities to overcome them.

Tia was adamant about continuing to walk despite the path’s length and difficulty.

When she became too worn out, she would stop and rest on the rock while the dog lay on her stomach. After six hours and six kilometers of walking, Tia reached the end of her mission. She intervened to save the puppy’s life. She eventually managed to track down the dog’s owners, who informed her that their dog had fallen from a 100-foot cliff after slipping in a snowy crevice.

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