These brave young people assist numerous patients as front-line members of their neighborhood fire department.

These courageous kids abruptly changed careers and left math class to assist people. Grayden Brunet, then 16, once enlisted in a New York City fire department. Then, he was the squad’s youngest employee and the youngest in the history of the business. The child brought his two classmates with him to join up since his obsession was so strong and ardent.

The courageous and responsible teenagers then started working for the Sackets Harbor department. Additionally, they began volunteering during COVID-19, a time when extensive support and care where required. The brave young nurses were quickly transporting patients to clinics and responding to heart attacks and auto accidents.

They joined the squad despite not having their licenses to save patients’ lives, as one of the brave three young people admitted in an interview. The courageous and compassionate young nurses then acknowledged that they were powerless to escape their obligation. As they put it if they accomplished that, their society would no longer have an ambulance for those trying times. They decided not to go back to school and instead included more children in a worthwhile and important endeavor.

They asked 5 additional teenagers to serve in a town of 1300 after being moved by their example. All 16-year-old nursing students have gone through such admirable and profoundly life-altering experiences.

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