The dog, Tua Plu, continually delivers a gift to the kind woman who feeds him as a sign of gratitude.

Homelessness is a significant global problem for all poor animals who lack a house and live alone without love, care, and compassion. There are some people, though, who have empathy for the helpless.

A compassionate Thai woman is making every effort to help these wretched, vulnerable stray animals. For all the dogs nearby, Orawan Kaewla is a guardian angel. It’s hard to comprehend the depth of her love for these defenseless animals.

She has a big heart and is quite generous, therefore she feeds several stray dogs in her town every day.

Since helping these creatures live a little easier and happier life fills Kaewla-heart with joy, she has no expectations of receiving anything in return.

However, one of those dogs manages to say thank you to the lovely woman who takes care of him every day. Every time the dog Tua Plu comes to obtain his food ration, he gives a gift.

He always has a piece of paper or a leaf hanging from his lips as he emerges seeking food. He politely offered to contribute a gift in exchange for his dinner as a consequence.

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