The lost pet “isn’t worth their money,” according to the family, who are unwilling to pay the $30 prize.

The blind dog Timon was discovered in an alleyway in Los Angeles, clearly upset about having to start living on the streets. A dog rescue organization found him and was able to find his owners. Owners consented to have it returned despite their displeasure with the $30 return fee.

Timon’s owners adamantly refused to pay the necessary amount, stating that the dog was “not worth it.” Timon was sad since his loved ones had abandoned him. Timon’s disappointment increased when no one expressed interest in adopting her blind dog.

After he had healed for several months, a local woman named Haimi took care of him. Timon was a discovery Haimi hadn’t expected. She was hesitant to have the blind dog as a companion. She soon realized Timon was just like her other dogs in that he was lively and fun-loving.

Consequently, our faith in human kindness has increased. At the moment, Timon is content in his permanent residence. He is surrounded by admiring visitors and his canine siblings.



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