The missing dog was discovered with a touching note around his collar naming him the day’s hero.

The 12-year-old dog’s owners were worried when Louie went away for several hours because they had no idea where he was. The family was shocked when he returned with a heartfelt note around his neck. The intelligent sheepdog Louie has lived on Marolyn Driver’s parent’s farm in New Zealand since he was a little child. When he was a few weeks old, he was a joyful, curious puppy with lots of energy who enjoyed exploring their yard and observing their neighbors.

But as he got older, his daily routine changed, and he started to linger outside their house.

Louie’s parents were worried when he didn’t show up for work for several hours one day because of this. Marolyn visited her parents on that specific day and found them in distress. Fortunately, the dog returned home a little while later with a strange letter around his neck. Louie appeared worn down and unclean. His family claims that someone was threatening to harm him. They felt more at ease, though, after reading the handwritten note.

Rob, who regarded Louis as his hero when he carried him to his dog Maddy, who was huddled beneath a stack of branches, wrote the message. The family’s neighbor to the right, Rob, owned a dog named Maddy. They soon learned what had transpired.

Rob followed Louie’s lead and was shocked to discover his missing dog tangled up in the underbrush. Louie started to dig, helping Rob find his friend. It was this brave dog who saved Maddy. The two worn-out dogs sprinted to a nearby pond, where they dove in and started drinking. That day, Louie refused to eat because he was so exhausted.


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