This woman now looks like this after shedding 352 pounds!

Despite being only 34 years old, American Nikki Weber has spent her entire life overweight due to her insatiable appetite for cakes and hamburgers.

As she grew older, the girl realized that she needed to lose weight and made an effort to adhere to strict regimens. But every time, she lost control and began to eat fatty and sugary foods. She realized she needed to change her life as soon as she reached 650 pounds.

When Nikki’s parents failed to see their daughter’s problem as a general one or make an effort to motivate her to live a healthy lifestyle, she eventually became practically unable to walk or get out of bed without help. As a result, she moved in with her parents. Better yet, they came up with a novel way to lift meals to her on the second floor.

It was saved with the “My entire 661 pounds” program. Nikki was permitted to participate in the activity. The program promotes weight loss and helps obese people do so. The child underwent surgery to have her stomach size decreased, and nutritionists designed a personalized diet for her.

After losing 352 pounds overall, Nikki underwent a second treatment to remove excess, sagging skin that may have weighed up to 55 pounds. Nikki weighs 198 pounds, but she is not satisfied with that; she walks a lot every day and exercises frequently. Even Nikki finds it difficult to comprehend how she was able to lose weight.

Marcus and Nikki met while they were both gym members.

They fell in love with one another right away.

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