The cutest travel companion is a cyclist who circumnavigates the globe while carrying his best pal on his back.

This man enjoys traveling, but he finds it difficult to part with Billy, his dog, and his best buddy. One day, the man decided to get the dog a special backpack so that the animal could accompany him on his travels.

Thanks to their social media adventures, the buddies are currently traversing the globe together and earning the hearts of millions of admirers. The man quit his professions as an accountant and a business consultant so he could travel more.

The dog didn’t need to do anything. But he needed to purchase a helmet.

But the only reason he doesn’t mind is that they are always praising him and giving him a back-rub.

The man claims that his friend’s life and health are always given his highest care. We wish this great couple much more happiness and exciting travel in the future.

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