Check out the 110cm man’s daughter, now 2 years old, after he married and had children.

James Lasted is a well-known actor and BBC TV host who is 33 years old and 110 cm tall.

If you think that a guy must live in the shadow and cannot have a normal life at this elevation, you’re wrong.

The man thought that his height was what made him special. James’ confidence helped him succeed in both his personal and professional lives. James and Chloe went on their funny first date in 2014. He was 60 cm shorter than Chloe, but their affectionate hearts didn’t care.

They were sitting in a cafe when Chloe asked for a menu, and the waitress prepared one and handed it to her. He gave James a notebook and colored pencils as well, and they both laughed a lot. This date strengthened their bond even further, and the couple still beams when they recall it.

They got married in 2016 and had a lovely child in 2019. The adorable girl, Olivia, is now two years old and is cherished by her devoted family.

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