Because he resembles a teddy bear, this dog will certainly capture your heart.

Introducing Bear, the popular dog now taking over social media. Certainly, there are many cute dogs that we have already seen. But what makes this hairy ball unique is its teddy bear-like appearance, which frequently leads to people mistaking it for a plush animal.

Six is his age. He is frequently compared to a cuddly teddy bear because of his extraordinarily fluffy fur and chubby appearance. His is a canine breed from northern China that is distinguished by an incredibly thick double coat.

It resembles a mane at the neck, where the hair is very thick. When he gets home from work, every child or adult would want to have a hug from him.

Instagram is where his owners post pictures and videos of him. The intention is to raise awareness of the fact that, as with all dog breeds, what matters is how well humans interact with and treat them.

Use this lovely puppy to persuade you that dogs are the cutest pets imaginable if you’re still not convinced.

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