The sweetest thing you’ll witness today is a rare bond between a rescue dog and a turtle.

In 2010, a puppy named Lulu entered his human life. When a family friend on the other side saw her on the road, he was saved. After their friend consented to take Lulu home because the guy couldn’t properly care for her, Lulu found a new family and a turtle sibling. Despite having a few health issues, Lulu has managed to live to be a healthy large dog that enjoys spending time with his brother Malu. They had gotten along well because they were matched.

Malu never worried about Lulu because she had a pal to hang around with. A perfect match!

They are so close that they sometimes even give each other hugs.

Malu’s parents only need to tell Lulu to “find Malu” if the turtle hides in a tricky spot, and she will find it right away. Lulu frequently checks on Malu.

His brother and dearest buddy. See whether you agree that we genuinely admire them by looking at the pictures of them below.

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