Her passport was stolen by the owner’s dog, so she was unable to leave.

During her confinement, Dahlia, 47, started working from home and acquired the dog as a pet. After getting used to her continual presence, the dog gradually started to notice her absence.

Doggy had no intention of taking a trip with Dahlia, who had just gotten married and was planning one with her spouse for October. I spent around two weeks in New York in June. The dog then became quite dejected. Doggy ate Dahlia’s clothing and passport a few days before her vacation.

Doggy thereby demonstrated his relationship to the owner’s travels.

Dahlia had to make a short trip to the passport office to speed up the creation of a new document. It’s still unable to access the passport. As a result, the woman doubts if her expected honeymoon will take place. Despite this, she is certain that things will work out nicely.

She will undoubtedly continue to work on training the dog after the holiday. What do you believe this story deserves?

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