The dog that was saved and the foxie cub that was saved became great friends as they grew up.

Given that it was always believed that foxes and dogs couldn’t get along, it is amazing how well-behaved two distinct animals can get along. In the end, these two wildly dissimilar animal species formed great, enduring relationships.

When the fox was just five weeks old, Jessika, her owner, saved her from a farm. She started a new life with her new family, one where her living conditions were better and she was surrounded by love. Once the fox arrived, she immediately fell in love with the dog.

The dog acted as her guardian and stayed near to the young fox pup. Despite having quite different personalities, they grew close right away. The fox chose the dog as a buddy. Even though there were other animals in the house because he felt quite comfortable with him. Together, they eat, play, and even sleep throughout the entire day.

Despite their occasional disagreements while enjoying fun, this lovely couple seems to be content.

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