Meet Ismael Essome, a young social entrepreneur who transforms plastic bottles into distinctive boats.

By recycling bottles from the natural world, his initiative tends to aid in reducing the environmental pollution.

The young man first had this brilliant notion one day as he was returning home and noticed a sizable amount of plastic trash lying around the street. He had the brilliant idea to turn the raw stuff into a useful thing. Ismael and his buddies made comfy rafts out of plastic bottles in the shape of canoes to carry out their imaginative initiative. After forming their social organization, they built hundreds of the fabled boats they dubbed “Eco Boats.”

Typically, it takes 3 days for the volunteers to construct one fishing boat. They are significantly more affordable and convenient than a typical wooden one. They have therefore been producing these distinctive and practical rafts for approximately 5 years. By giving the locals comfortable and successful fishing boats, they benefit the community.

Additionally, they are devoted to our planet, which is their most significant and admirable act. The creation of this Cameroonian man has shown to be the most effective way to clean up the environment.


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