The daring young woman renovated an ancient van so that she and her cherished rescue dog could tour the world.

Since she was a small child, this woman has loved experiencing new things. She has always cherished traveling, especially when doing it with her father. And as she grew older, she decided to live a true fairy tale. Meet Italian native Marina Piro, who has at long last realized her long-held desire to explore the globe with her beloved rescue dog. She met her cute four-legged pal and fell in love with him more than six years ago while on a quick trip to one of the towns in Italy.

The girl had a brilliant idea last year because she had always fantasized about traveling the world and taking her pet Odie to beautiful locations. After purchasing a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, Marina decided to turn it into her dream home. The biggest benefit is that she could realize her dearly-held dream because the home would be mobile. She soon gave it a makeover and gave the van the name Pam.

The daring woman dismantled the van and installed every component required for a comfortable house. She created the floor, a little kitchen, a bed, and even hung curtains to give the impression that it was a real home. The courageous and compassionate woman took the first step toward her dream without having to travel by bus and airport.

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