The newborn panda refused to let his assistants take away his brand-new favorite toy.

We are moved by this little panda’s obstinate refusal to part with his brand-new favorite toy. A young panda receives a big spinning balloon and immediately falls in love with it. The sweet tiny creature is constantly looking for a new toy.

The small bear seems to be able to handle the ball even as the excited keepers attempt to take it away from him. The little panda in the enormous panda family at the zoo had to pass a coordination test. He was just a few months old.

The guards tested the panda’s skills with a bamboo stick and a plastic ball. The young panda made everyone laugh by refusing to give up his new toys, not by showcasing his incredible physique.

He showed the ability to pass the test despite the trouble the devoted guards had in extracting the toy from the panda. Even after realizing his window for fun was closing, he continued to behave like a child.

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