Take a look at how a kind mother changed a boy who no one wanted to adopt.

Nicky thought she was very lucky to have a loving husband and daughter. Her second husband was a lovely man who not only accepted her child but also loved and supported her in every manner as his daughter, even though the girl was born during her first marriage. Nicky could only think of the fantasy she had as a child. She had known since she was a young child that she wanted to adopt a child when she grew older. The girl was enthralled by the thought of helping someone who had little chance of adoption.

Before settling on Ruslam, we must have reviewed many profiles. That was our child, we understood at once. A wide range of congenital abnormalities was seen in Rustam at birth. His mother left him as soon as she saw him. All of the boy’s chances for a conventional and healthy life were destroyed by the unhealthy lifestyle mom was leading, even though she was the only one at fault. One year ago today, the adoption took place.

After initially using crutches, the new parents gradually taught their son how to live a normal life, including how to speak and walk with a prosthesis. The child’s speech may be now quite understandable to others after prolonged speech training with a therapist. Out of fear, they avoided the strange kid and avoided using the same playground as him. Nicky eventually decided to create an Instagram account and let the world know about her child. She started posting funny events from their life and uploading his photos.

Nicky makes an effort to explain to her child that a person’s soul counts more than their outward appearance and that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

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