A homeless man on the street is seen in a moving image celebrating the birth of his puppy.

The young man’s name is Chelsea. He was sitting on the stairs of a city park with two cute dogs when a passerby noticed him. It was the puppy Shiki’s birthday celebration.

After removing the cake and candles, he began singing a birthday song. The dogs watched their owner closely as he lighted two candles on a small cake, as though they were considering their master’s request.

Chelsea then took one for himself and one for each of his friends, perhaps giving way to his feelings.

The man approached them to ask questions after recording the incident on his phone. It was found that they were homeless. Chelsea just bought a new smartphone, which he used to sign up for Instagram and increase his fan base to almost 200 000 people. He said his long-term plans were to start his animal sanctuary and become a musician. The lives of people who are unfortunate enough to be homeless are significantly impacted by this societal problem.

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