Pinto is looking for a new home after spending more than five years living in a shelter.

Meet Pinto, a dog who has spent more than 5 years in the shelter! It’s possible that since he was discovered as a stray in 2017, he has never had a house or family of his own.
He spends the majority of his time in this kennel. He only spends an hour or two outside of this kennel each day, sometimes even less.

When you get to know him, he is a gorgeous dog with a lot to offer. He maintains kindness and composure while being in a demanding shelter environment.

Everyone may not want a dog like Pinto. He requires a seasoned household with knowledgeable dog owners.
He enjoys playing fetch with his volunteers and longs for a family that has the time to go on adventures and play with him.

Pinto had been sitting outside his kennel for some time. His days consist of nothing more than waiting for a brief encounter with a person.

Pinto’s life may be changed by adoption because he is one of the shelter inhabitants who has been there the longest across the entire USA.

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