The owner of the prestigious NYC restaurant “Balthazar” goes online to explain why they have banned James Corden from the restaurant.

No matter who you are, you should always uphold the standards of decency; renowned people are not exempt from these rules.
Recently, James Corden was extremely impolite to the workers of NYC’s famed Balthazar Restaurant, which owner Keith McNally made public on Instagram.

In two cases, according to Keith, Corden went too far and was just downright disrespectful to his boss and servers.
After the second incident, Keith made the decision to simply expel Corden for his inappropriate actions.

However, Corden contacted the proprietor and expressed his regret for what he had done. Keith and his team made the decision to pardon him and remove the prohibition.

Keith McNally has been contacted for a response regarding the current predicament. He has not yet responded. But that’s really it; a very human conflict that resulted in just punishment and a very polite apology. What matters is that everything is okay now and they solved the problem.

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