Sheena Cole shared her youthful secret, despite being 56 years old and appearing to be 30.

On the outside, Sheena Cole seems to be no older than 30. She is, however, 56 years old.

Sheena managed to retain the appearance, features, and posture of a young girl. She reassures that anyone can arrive at this conclusion by following a few simple criteria.

Cole thinks the secret to defying aging is to lead a balanced lifestyle and practice regular skin care.

Sheena believes that by reliably shielding her skin from UV ray damage every day with daily sunscreen, she has been able to “throw off” her appearance for at least ten years.

“How I appear to others affects how they perceive me. When I leave the house wearing denim shorts and barely any makeup, Sheena continues, and I start to appear even younger.

In order to appear clever, you must pay with strict restrictions. Cole exercises for several hours each day while fasting on occasion three days every week.

Even my friends often ask me what my secret is. To be honest, I owe a lot to genetics. My parents were always really attractive,” the woman admits.

The woman’s instructions seem simple enough to adhere to. Adopt them if you want to stay young for as long as you can.

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