The owner of the restaurant feeds all passing homeless dogs.

For five years, a very unique and rather eccentric customer has visited Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant, Ajilalo in Puerto Rico. A homeless dog wandering the streets made the decision to stop at the entrance of the restaurant, giving off the impression that he was quite hungry at the time.

Gerardo could have easily taken the homeless dog away. But instead, he offered the tired dog a delicious free meal that was specially prepared for him.

But it didn’t take long for the man’s kindness and generosity to become known among the numerous other stray animals in the town. More dogs soon started to arrive, and of course, Gerardo welcomed them with a delectable meal.

Many homeless dogs frequently visit Gerardo and his restaurant; some are frequent customers and others are passing strangers. Of course, they all share the ability to fulfill their hunger owing to the delectable food that the kind-hearted man provides for them.
When the man is working, he finds himself patiently waiting to see if the rumor that he can get a free meal is true while gazing into the face of a new dog.

“Fortuitously, our clients are allergic to dogs.” They don’t pay with cash; instead, they pay with their joy and wagging tails. My mother always makes an effort to assist others, both people and animals. She is what inspires me.

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