Tofu is a shelter dog I adopted; she is frequently too scared to walk, so I carry her everywhere.

“I promised Tofu, whom I adopted from Romania, the best life, one filled with wonderful adventures.” the owner said.

The tofu was clearly traumatized. She frequently clings to soft objects, such as mattresses and couches, and always lays down.

At the age of just 2 months, Tofu was rescued from a slaughter shelter in Romania. The dogs were kept in cages outside in -20°C snow.

“My girlfriend and I decided to take her in after seeing Facebook pictures of the scenario.”

based on a single image taken of her inside the shelter. She was brought out, checked, and made ready for her long voyage to the Netherlands after deciding.

She is still fearful. The slightest circumstances set her off.

Tofu still feels secure in our presence after nearly 7 years, especially on our couch and bed, from which she can assess the situation.

“I began carrying her so that at least my collie would enjoy going to the park, forest, or beach, but it turned out that she enjoyed it and felt safe. It also worked out to be a photogenic opportunity to display all the various landscapes we saw.”

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